This is what we can promise and do.

What remains after the chocolate relish is the strong, however, discreet after-taste of the unique gift, as well as the satisfaction with the choice made.

In order to turn an ordinary or a special day into a highlight!

A special gift you make may express ‘I love you’, ‘Sorry’, ‘Thank you’’. Each feeling is significant enough to be put into words…Add to the feeling of chocolate delight a personal note, part of your thoughts and emotions in order to make the gift really special.

For us, the place matters in as much as to send the right gift to the right person. That covers almost all destinations in the world reached with maximum punctuality, reliability and in style.


  1. Everything begins with your desire to receive or give something special because it conveys delight, a feeling or an essential portion of luxury.
  2. Enter the workshop where desires are fulfilled to put your own “signature” and make the gift one of a kind and special for the person you are giving it to.
  3. Before sending the luxury box selected by you, we shall keep it wrapped in a fine woolen fabric until the moment it lands in your hands or in the hands of the person the gift is meant for.
  4. The chocolate ‘jewels’ have to be transported with utmost care and within the shortest possible deadlines. This non-essential at first glance stage of the delivery of your special gift requires particular consideration and professionalism.
  5. You will be sent a notification upon the delivery of the gift. It is only like natural that our obligations should end here, but it is not so.
  6. The final stroke is the pleasure derived from a surprisingly delightful gift and your satisfaction with the ‘right’ choice made.



I believe that everyone has a talent and the discovery of one’s talent is a highlight in one’s life. The discovery itself is associated with the laying-in of innumerable jig-saw puzzle pieces that bear concrete shapes, suggestion and emotions. Sometimes the bigger challenge is to find out all the puzzle pieces; other times, it is to arrange them in the right way.

After long years of hard work including much decision-making, important and stressful meetings with people different both in personality and responsibilities, I have come to realize that the capability to fulfill desires and meet expectations is on my side. That capability of mine became a complement to my passion for genuine gourmet offers dressed in velvet colour and chocolate flavor. What followed was my growing interest in wood as a live material, my attraction to worthy presents and last but not least, my personal revelation that a gift is special only if the gift-giver leaves part of oneself in it.

It is not easy to find out how and what with to impress the person you know so well. The task becomes even more difficult when it comes to giving joy, impressing or thanking unfamiliar people who have earned respect.  And having experienced time and again the satisfaction with the well selected and properly given gift, I have come to the conclusion that it is worth sharing this experience of mine with the others.



Chef RadiStambolov has a weakness for chocolate which makes his greatest challenge.  Having reached a number of peaks in the confectionary world with major stops in Italy, Vienna, Doha (Chef de Party at Sheraton Doha Hotel), he took on the responsible task of sitting on the three-member jury for the first edition of the worldwide known culinary competition Lord of the Chef’s. Stambolov has provided sweet treats for 20 presidents of different countries.

Chef chocolate maker RadiStambolov lives wholeheartedly up to the spirit of a traveller and a discoverer, making tours of various parts of the world and getting acquainted with diverse techniques and methods of cocoa beans processing in order to draw up his own list of essential requirements. Then he lets free his personal inspiration and fantasy only to discover unique and overwhelming flavours.

He has invested his passion for chocolate, experience and inspiration into the creation of a special selection of flavours for JARROF Chocolate.