General Terms and Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions specify the terms and interrelations between JARROF Chocolate (owner of an online shop for selling goods and the Users (Customers) utilizing online shop for buying goods.

Upon marking the field “I’ve read and accept the terms & conditions” the Customer agrees to, accepts and pledges to abide by the General Terms and Conditionshereafter laid down.

Art.1 Identification and Registration

Each user of may place an order in his/her capacity of REGISTERED USER or VISITOR TO THE WEBSITE.

  • To place an order as a visitor to the website, you have to indicate an address for delivery, name and surname of the recipient, your telephone number for contacts, e-mail address and your names in case they are different from those of the recipient. The submitted data will be stored until the moment of delivery.
  • To register on the website, you have to choose a unique user name and password; to indicate a delivery address, name and surname, e-mail address and telephone number for contacts. These data shall be saved in our system to the end of facilitating any further orders. Upon each new order you shall be given the opportunity to change the name of the recipient and the delivery address.
  • JARROF Chocolate reservesitself the right to examine the authenticity of the data entered by the Customer, and, in particular, the identity and the actual address of the Customer.

Art. 2 Personal Data

The system of www.jarrof.comonline shop shall store only data pertinent to the fulfillment of the order placed and its delivery. JARROF Chocolate guarantees its Customers privacy of the information and personal data furnished. JARROF Chocolate pledges not to submit the personal date of a Customer to third parties unless this information is requested by state authorities and officials. In these cases JARROF Chocolate shall be obliged to provide the required information on the strength of the law.

By accepting theGeneral Terms and Conditionsthe Customer gives his/her unconditional and undated consent that the personal data submitted by him/her be collected, stored, processed and used by JARROF Chocolate to the end of executing the contract of sale and delivery of ordered goods.

Art. 3 Orders

You can order an article on any time of one day and night including Saturdays and Sundays, as well as public holidays.

3.1 To place an order on, the Customer has to indicate a valid e-mail address, correctly filled-in delivery address and invoicing, correctly filled-in contact data – two names, telephone number.

The Customer selects the goods and services s/he wishes to buy and then confirms the order by entering the number of his/her credit card and the date of its expiry under the terms provided in Art. 4 Prizes; then s/he clicks on the button ‘Confirm’’ and marks the field ‘I’ve read and accept the terms & conditions’ which amounts to concluding a contract between the two parties. The order is instantly registered and the Customer is notified of the number of his/her order on his/her e-mail address.

After clicking on the ‘Orders’ button, the Customer agrees to buy the goods to be found in the basket. This act is legally binding. Upon a successfully placed order the Customer shall receive a confirmation of the order at the indicated e-mail address.  The e-mailed confirmation specifies the kind of the ordered article, the number of the order, and the date and the hour when it was placed. Confirmation by telephone is made only when some extra information or specification concerning the order is required.

JARROF Chocolate undertakes to e-mail you the number of the shipment/parcel in order to follow its present location at any time.

3.2. Cancellation of the order is possible to make by telephone +359888385555 or at as the Customer is expected to furnish information on the number of the order placed, the kind of the goods, his/her two names, the price of the order. Cancellation of an order can be made by the time the shipment/parcel is received by the courier.

As soon as the shipmen/parcel has been received by a courier to deliver, no changes in the order can be made.

3.3 In case the ordered item is not available or due to any other objective reason, JARROF Chocolate is entitled to cancel the order while undertaking to notify the Customer within one workday.

3.4 JARROF Chocolate bears no responsibility for the possible differences in the visual presentation of the purchased goods due to and depending on the specific features of the screens of the respective electronic devices.

Art. 4 Prices

The prices of the goods displayed on the website include VAT. On the screen appear the price of the article, the amount of the rebate, if any, the amount of additional charges, if such are stipulated, a delivery and handling charge.

The prices are denominated and payable in Euro. All prices quoted in foreign currencies other than the Euro serve only informative purposes. The Customer may inquire of the Company that has issued his credit card about the exchange rate of the Euro against the local currency.

The prices are subject to changes. JARROF Chocolate shall inform all Registered users of any price change prior to a new order.

Art. 5 Terms of Payment

JARROF Chocolate shall accept the order and send the merchandise to the Customer only after the payment has been successfully endorsed and processed. The Customer shall always pre-pay for goods by credit card, bank transfer or Pay Pal. JARROF Chocolate accepts the following credit cards: Visa Credit Card and Master Card.

Art. 6 Deliveries


Time of delivery: all goods ordered on online shop shall be delivered by DHL Express to an address and on a date indicated by the Customer.  The specific delivery dates depend on the country of receipt.

Orders placed on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as on national holidays observed in the Republic of Bulgaria shall be shipped on the first workday that follows.

JARROF Chocolate shall assume no responsibility if the delivery is delayed due to local customs and public days in the country of receipt.

Art. 7 Transport costs, tariffs, charges, taxes and rates

7.1 The delivery price amounts to 20 Euros for delivery to an address all over the world.

7.2 Tariffs, charges, taxes and rates, if applicable, shall be settled on the part of the Customer.

When we send our products as gifts on behalf of the Customer, the recipient shall not pay for any taxes and rates upon delivery. Our goods are Delivered Duty Paid (DDP), and if a border tax is applicable, we shall settle it on your behalf upon the entry of the article in the country and shall charge you separately upon the receipt of the local customs invoice within a few weeks after the placement of the order.

Our bill shall include the border tax we have settled on your behalf, as well as a 20-Euro service fee that covers the monitoring of the process, clearance, submission of supplementary documents and fronting. The invoice shall be forwarded to you at the right moment after the order has been fulfilled and the product delivered.

The delivery may take more time during the busy holidays (Christmas, St. Valentine’s and Easter)

Art. 8 Liabilities upon Delivery

In case of damaged, missing or wrong products, the Customer shall notify us at within 24 hours after the receipt of the order.

Upon an error committed on our part or on account of deteriorated quality of the product during transportation, we shall replace the order or reimburse you the amount of the order within 4 workdays.

JARROF Chocolate shall bear no responsibility if the addressee is not present at the time of delivery and/or if the Customer or the person indicated by the Customer as recipient does not collect the product from the office of the express service after a notice left for the recipient.

The Customer is liable for the authenticity and the exhaustiveness of the submitted information referring to the name and the address of the recipient (number, door, floor, telephone number). In this sense, JARROF Chocolate shall bear no responsibility and assume no obligation to reimburse the Customer for the amount of the order placed in case of a wrong or incorrectly submitted address, as well as in case of deteriorated quality of the product resulting from a delayed term of transportation or re-directing owing to a wrongly indicated address.

If the delivery is impossible on account of a wrong address or other missing information on the part of the Customer, the return of the shipment/parcel and the possible second delivery shall be at the expense of the Customer.

Art. 9 Intellectual Properties

9.1 All components on, as well on the packaging of the products offered by us are sole property of JARROF Chocolate. All images, pictures, texts on the website, the name and the logo of JARROF Chocolate constitute intellectual property of JARROF Chocolate. Any use or alteration of these constituent elements without the prior consent of JARROF Chocolate shall be deemed legal offence.

9.2. Each corporate customer shall grant the right that his/her logo and brand, as well as other identifying materials be used under the express condition that they shall be used solely for designing the corporate personalized gift contracted by both parties in advance.

9.3. The Customer shall bear individual responsibility for the images and texts s/he uploads and publishes on the website. S/he shall not publish images or texts which have not been created by him/her or s/he has no license to publish them or if the images and texts contain abusive or obscene contents.

Art. 10 General Liabilities

10.1 The Customer shall be responsible for his/her own choice of products, the order and the storage of the products until their actual consumption.

The products should be stored in a suitable place and at a temperature between 14°and 20°C.

The products are best before the date indicated on the label. The Customer should neither consume the products after that date nor if the quality and the appearance of the products are deteriorated due to some reason.

The Customer should not consume the products if s/he is allergic to one or more of the ingredients listed on the box label or if the packaging has been removed.

The Customer shall be liable for the payment of all tariffs, charges, taxes and rates if such are stipulated in the country of receipt.

10.2 JARROF Chocolate shall not be held responsible for damages or losses owing to circumstances beyond its control.

JARROF Chocolate shall assume no responsibility if the Customer does not adhere to the optimum conditions of storage and the recommended temperature between 14°and 20°C or if the products are consumed after the date indicated on the packing.

JARROF Chocolate shall bear no responsibility if the product does not meet the law and sub-legislative regulations in the country of delivery. JARROF Chocolate shall be held liable solely for the observation of the Bulgarian law provisions with reference to the products.

JARROF Chocolate shall bear no responsibility towards users or third persons for damages sustained and future earnings occurring as a consequence of discontinuance, stoppage or limitation of the services, deletion, modification, loss, incorrectness or incompleteness of messages, materials or information transferred, used, recorded or made accessible through

JARROF Chocolate shall not be held responsible in cases of circumstances of force majeure defined and recognized by the Bulgarian judicial practice.

All litigations with reference to these General Terms and Conditionsshall be presented to the competent judicial authorities in the town of Gabrovo.

Art. 11 Guarantees

JARROF Chocolate shall replace or reimburse you the amount of your order if the latter does not meet your expectations. For that purpose you have to contact our Customer Service department on +359888385555 or at

JARROF Chocolate assures you that the products are manufactured in accordance with the strict quality standards in force in the Republic of Bulgaria and the EU.

Personal Data

Personal data voluntarily provided by the users of the website will be used only and solely for the purposes stipulated in the General Terms and Conditions, as well as in the contract.

Your credit card data shall not and cannot be stored. They are visualized only for a fraction of a second and used solely to verify the payment by the bank.

Jarrof Chocolate pledges not to disseminate in any way personal data of customers to third persons, state bodies, trade companies, natural persons and others.  Except in the cases when Jarrof Chocolate has received an express assent in writing by the customer or the information is demanded by state authorities or officials who, according to the laws in force, are authorized to request and collect such information.

You may update your personal data at any time. We also reserve ourselves the right to enter these changes for you including blocking your profile if you e-mail us at If you have any questions referring to this declaration of privacy, you can contact us at e-mail:  or on telephone +359888385555

The security of the data is of utmost concern to us. Our servers are secured with up-to-date defensive walls and security protocols in order to safeguard your personal information. All communications between your browser and our server are cryptified by means of Secure Sockets Layaers SSL employing Verisign technology.